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Auric Cleansing ~ Samauma Hapè


Samauma is a very powerful and beautiful feminine Hapé made by the Yawanawa tribe from Brazil. It strongly supports deep cleansing and re-aligning ones energies. Because it is a feminine Hapé, it is used for connecting to your yin energies.  It is a great Hapé to use when doing any kind of chakra or aura meditations as it profoundly helps you connect to your chakras and energetic field.  This Hapé is also commonly used for energetic releasing and deep healing.

Hapé, also known as Rapé or Rapeh is a sacred snuff originating from the Amazon. Ours is a mixture of mapacho tobacco and a variety of plant medicines - made by the Huni Kuin lineage.

*Vegan and gluten free

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