DEVOWEVO is an independent clothing & art label, created by American artist Devani Weaver {DEV0}.  Born in Utah, into a devout LDS/Mormon household,  her family of 8 soon sardined their little bodies into their  big yellow van & moved to a small mining town in Arizona, where her dad bought up an old rundown nursing home.  The family took over the decrepit building & used the empty space to house & assist elderly folk for income. The dark halls, still filled with wheelchairs, toilet stools, beds & memories crawling through the walls, from past residence, became a playground for Devani & her friends.

Devani's upbringing evolved around her parents religious beliefs, a system, if precisely followed, would ultimately end in an idealistic world of happily ever after. With minimal TV, a lot of church music, & day to day "modest" dress, Devani, quiet but curious, had an artistic nature that started bursting out of the seams.

Her mom a talented pianist & accordion player was very crafty & taught Devani how to sew at a young age. Making Barbie clothing, Halloween costumes, her annual Easter dress & prom dresses. By high school, Devani owned her personal sense of weirdness & later found an outlet, making & selling her hand-crafted apparel via the internet. 

Upon leaving home, Devani with wanderlust, found herself intermingled & adapting to the lifestyles of musicians & artists. Contrary to her families values tucked closely to the forefront of her consciousness, she started exploring & traveling the United States & exposing herself to underground cultures & ideas.

DEVOWEVO, described as a psychotic dreamland, reflects the teetering personalities festering inside Devani's imagination. Wedged between two worlds, she walks a tight rope, a constant battle to defy the power of good vs. evil.